What is Swanson IT Consulting?

Swanson IT Consulting (SwansonITC) is a small technology business serving other small and medium sized businesses to improve their overall technology health.

Small and medium sized businesses don’t always have time to learn and maintain their own computer systems. They also don’t have the resources to hire full time help and contract IT services are typically expensive and don’t have the personal touch of a dedicated employee.

SwansonITC is looking to change that. Through personal customized service plans and a variety of communication tools we give companies comprehensive service at a fixed cost.

The goal of SwansonITC is to help small businesses use technology to its fullest potential.

To improve productivity, increase efficiency, and reduce down-time by using training, guidance, maintenance, and repair.

  • Training--Helping small businesses learn how to use their existing software and tools to its fullest potential.
  • Guidance--Helping small businesses purchase the correct software and hardware to accomplish their goals and improve business processes.
  • Maintenance--Use tools and personal service to keep systems and processes running to the maximum uptime.
  • Repair--Proactive repair to help reduce downtime and technology frustrations.

Visit www.swansonitc.com for more information and contact us today for a proposal or a technology health report.