Serving Central Montana locally and everyone else remotely.

With personalized and professional computer repair, training and consulting.

globe_32.png Local & Remote Repair

Onsite and remote computer repair. Fast, local, response to all of your technology problems.

pencil_32.png Consulting & Training

Find out your technology health score. Discover how you can improve your efficiency and profitability with new technologies and the proper training in the use of your existing technologies.

tools_32.png Managed Repair and Antivirus

Proactive repair options that help your business and personal computer alert the technician to problems before they occur.

Catch viruses, malware, and even ransom-ware and alert the technician to the potential of problems before they cause damage.

thumb-up_32.png Social Media & Web Consulting

Helping your business set up social media pages and referring you to design and content specialists that can take your businesses social media presence to the next level.

Assist your business in finding a Content Management System and setting that up. Helping the business learn the CMS and make simple changes and updates to keep website content current.

Get Smart Remote Support

Step 1.

Download a small program onto your computer that will monitor and alert you if there are any problems.

Step 2.

When a problem occurs you can easily click to request service, enter your contact information and I will contact you to remotely repair the problem.

Step 3.

If the problem cannot be repaired remotely you can bring the computer in for the repairs.


Download the Program and get Constant Monitoring for Free!

Enter your contact details when prompted.

Upgraded Remote Support

Receive upgraded remote support for only $6/month or $60/year, which includes an additional 10% off your first 2 hours of remote service.

Upgraded remote support will alert Swanson IT Consulting when there is a problem with your computer, allowing us to immediately diagnose your issue and start repairs either remotely or from an in-house appointment.

This option allows users to catch problems before they cause loss of data, or in some cases, a dead computer!

Managed Antivirus

Receive antivirus protection for only $12/month or $120/year, which includes an additional 10% off your first 4 hours of remote service.

This all inclusive package includes all benefits of the Upgraded Remote Support plan, as well as enhanced antivirus and anti-malware protection.

This option also protects internet browsing against ransom-ware, removes unwanted programs, and protects your computer from viruses.

Backup Solutions

No matter how good of a maintenance and protection plan you have a good backup is the best protection you can have. Offsite backup provides a secure, safe backup that gives you instant access to your data and will get you backup and running quickly.

I recommend Carbonite for your backup needs.


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